The N.C.B. Foundation remains committed to playing a pivotal role in accelerating the digital transformation of Jamaica, by expanding the country’s pool of digital producers (e.g. software developers, data scientists, animators, digital media specialists, robotics engineers). The Foundation seeks to empower young Jamaicans to:
  • Create digital solutions that solve local and global problems and unlock growth opportunities to expand our economy.
  • Become financially independent and literate.
  • Be resilient in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world.
  • Be community and nation builders.
To achieve this, N.C.B. Foundation will concentrate its investments in programmes that develop digital producers and programmes that support the development of critical life skills and mind-sets of young Jamaicans.

The Foundation will primarily invest in secondary and tertiary level interventions, while allocating a smaller budget for early and primary school programming. 

A significant component of the Foundation’s mandate is executed through our annual programmes:
  • Scholarship and Grant Programme 
  • NCB CSEC National Bursary Programme
  • Stuart Reid Adopt a School Programme
  • Level Up Grant Programme
  • Youth Empowerment Summit
  • NCB I.C.O.N. Lab
  • FIRST Tech Jamaica National Robotics Programme
  • Amber/HEART NSTA Coding Academy
  • Building Out Our Stem Teachers (BOOST) Programme
  • Junior Achievement Jamaica 

“The N.C.B. Foundation embraces charitable causes that are relevant to the betterment of Jamaica and the development of our nation’s people”

– Michael Lee-Chin, NCB Chairman –